As a part of our mission we made a new group where the most active traders will get regular airdrops from the community distribution shares.
Any member with a trading volume more than 0.001 btc will be added to traders group and can get his share of the distrbution.

How it works :-

1- Trade pullcoin in
2- We’ll get and announce top traders at current exchange.
3- If you’re one of the top list pm us and we’ll get intouch with you to approve it.
4- Register your payout address at #traders-registration channel

You’ll get paid 10 pullcoins for every 0.001 btc you traded monthly with upto 10000 pullcoins maximum payout

Roles :-

– Payouts processing at the first day of every month
– you should check #announcments channel at the first day of every month to find if your name is on the list
– If you’re “vip” and trader at the same time please register at this channel #vip-traders

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