to be the official cryptocurrency for the clothing and creative fashion industry

Making the magic, connecting clothing industry factors together. Pulling the future forward faster !!

Unique Solution

It's about making the clothing shopping experience the best ever, the easiest ever and fairly enjoyable!
All working together!
Using pullhub platform clothing factories, brands, tailors, designers connects together the best way to make they all profit and provide the best experience!

Unique results, Great experience!

People from around the world will find it the best way to get their clothing even if they want to wear their own unique style

Roadmap, The future!

Q3 - 2018
The beginning
Launched pullcoin, started the community, applied for exchanges and started designing pullhub platform.
Q4 - 2018
Setting things up
Pullcoin listed in the most trusted exchanges and coinmarketcap, pullhub development started!
Q1 - 2019
Community beta
Pullhub beta version released to the community members, testing, enhancing and upgrading pullhub before the final launch.
Q2 - 2019
Launching ..
Pullhub final version launched to the public, marketing campaigns started, updated pullcoin wallets and added more members to the team!
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