To share some fun and some free pullcoins we released pullcoin dice :-

How to get started

You can start using pullcoin dice you don’t need to register. Just click on “Account” tab and you’ll get the following information :-

‘Player Alias’ – Your name to share with other players

‘Password’ – You can choose to have a password to protect your account unique url

Unique URL –  Don’t share this url with anyone! This is yours and if it has no password anyone can withdraw your coins!

How to get free pullcoins ?

You can get 0.001 free pullcoins every 3 minutes. From the menu, choose the “gift” icon and you can claim your coins!

You only able to get free coins if you have 0 coins in your balance!


Before you start playing please note that :- 

1- We can’t recover your account if you lost it! If you lost your unique url = you lost your account!

2- Keep your unique url printed and safe to keep your account active and not to lost your coins.

3- Protecting your account with a password is optional but we recommend it.

Visit pullcoin dice now from here 

If you have any problem please feel free to contact us from here  

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