– bitfex.trade confirmed that they’ll be able to list pullcoin project to their exchange if there’s some traders willing to buy it their
– Crex24 confirmed that they’ll list pullcoin for 0.15 BTC fees
Рbitexlive.com listing fees is 0.25 btc РYobit 0.5 btc both ready to list the project after paying the fees
– Graviex has 0.4 btc listing fees !
so far we want to start with Crex24, Stocks.exchange and bitfex.trade
Presale is running now. After getting the first orders and collecting enough funds to cover the required fees, pullcoin will get listed in the first exchanges from the considered list.
Big exchange listing bounty! Earn 50k pullcoins

If you’re an exchange owner or if you want to apply for an popular exchange with a trusted feedback please contact us and you’ll get a 50k pullcoins direct to your wallet after getting pullcoin listed.


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    Goodluck! Looking forward to see pullcoin listed

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