Pullcoin is now listed to https://bitfex.trade

Bitfex.trade is one of the most interesting decentralized exchanges.

Trade pullcoin now @ https://bitfex.trade/en/PUL/BTC

New vip group added to our discord. Better shares! Join now @

Being VIP member can get the following benefits :-

1- Guarantee share of 1000 Pullcoins monthly ( paid from the community distribution )

2- Access to official buy/sell channel

3- Access to VIP lobby where you’ll be the first to check with us any new releases/revisions/mockups/progress

4- Priority support

To be a [VIP] member you should :-

1- Be active for the one month.

2- Register your account here :-  https://discord.gg/q2qHtAG

3- You’ll be added to the VIP list the next month. After that you need to keep being active to keep being vip.

We’ll check applications at the first day of every month.

Pullhub platform interface design first release scheduled to 08/15/2018 instead of 09/01/2018

Earlier move to the development process!

We’ll share the first screens with our discord to take suggestions and feedback from the community members and apply them before moving to the development process.

If you’re a VIP member at pullcoin community, you’ll be the first to check the interface designs.

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