You transactions and financial records are totally anonymous and no one can track your moves.


Pullcoin is a secure place where you can be sure that your coins are in a safe place.


Faster than ever, only 4 confirmations and your funds will be secured and spendable.

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Clothing brands& Companies
Every brand can claim his own store where they can list and start selling their products. Can also connect with other companies, tailors and designers!
Every tailor can claim his own store where s/he can list his product, portfolio/previous work, offer custom services and start accepting orders from his customers.
Fashion designers
Each designer can build his profile, showcase his portfolio and get direct jobs with clothing factories and tailors. Designer can join contests and win pullcoins.
Coin supply
Community members
POS profits
Remaining presale coins
Pullcoin specifications

Technical details about pullcoin


*  Name :- Pullcoin
*  Algorithm :- Scrypt
*  Type :- PoW/PoS
*  Abbreviation :- PUL
*  RPC Port :- 39276
*  P2P Port :- 39275
*  Total coin supply :- 42000000 Pullcoins
*  PoW Block reward :- 100 Pullcoins PoW is over
*  PoS percentage :- 20%
*  Last PoW block :- 25000 PoW is over
*  Maturity :- 20 blocks
*  Transaction confirmations :- 4 blocks
*  Target spacing :- 64 Seconds
*  Target time span :- 1 Block
*   Premined coins:- %15

There’s a total of 6300000 pre-mined pullcoins and they’ll be distributed to the following :-


Getting your clothing never been easier!

Pullhub aims to be the biggest, most friendly clothing and apparels platform. The place where people around the world could reach when it's about getting a unique style, custom designed apparels and buy a great things to wear!
  • Simple, and friendly

    Pullhub designed and being built to give a unique user experience for its users. It's really simple and easy to start using pullhub.

  • Almost free

    You wont be charged for starting your business at pullhub. It's free to run your store and start your business. Also, order processing using pullcoin won't charge you and per order fees! 

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Presale will be used to get pullcoin listed in the most important exchanges and help completing a perfect project! The earlier you join the better you'll get!

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